Skin Surgery FAQ Inland Empire

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Who is a good candidate for Skin Cancer Removal?

The best candidates for Skin Cancer removal is someone with a suspicious lesion which needs to be removed.

Where is the scar from Skin Cancer Removal?

The scar from this procedure will usually be in the same location as the lesion.

What is the typical recovery time for a Skin Cancer Removal?

This procedure is done as outpatient procedure using local anesthesia. You will be sent home with pain medication. The recovery time varies depending on the extent of skin cancer removal.

How long before I can return to normal activity?

Most activities of daily living can be resumed within a couple of days. It is important to get up and move around within a day of surgery to help decrease the chance of developing a blood clot. All strenuous activity should be avoided for the first week of recovery.

Will my insurance cover skin cancer reconstruction?

Under most circumstances your insurance company will pay for your surgery.

Mole Removal

What is the best way to remove a cosmetically distressing mole on the face or body?

There is no best way to perform mole removal surgery but there are different reasons for using certain techniques based on the intended result. If the ultimate goal is to remove a mole for cosmetic improvement it is usually best to surgically excise it using plastic surgery techniques to minimize scarring. The preferred outcome would be that the scar from the mole removal is minimal and much less noticeable than the mole itself.

Should a mole located on my nose be removed by using a Dermal Punch or by cutting with a knife?

There is no best way to remove a mole from the nose or face. This being said, there are ways that are better than others depending on the location and size of the mole. The best way to increase your chances to get the best possible results is to have a doctor that understands plastic surgery techniques. A board certified plastic surgeon is a physician that should be able to choose the right treatment and would have the surgical skills to apply it your unique mole.

I have a mole on my eyelid is it possible to remove this with minimal scarring?

This mole can be removed with minimal scarring. It is good to know where the mole lies when the eye is open. This will help in planning the incision and help to minimize the scarring. I have a mole on my forehead.

What is the best way to remove it with the least amount of scarring?

In general a mole the size you are describing is best treated by cutting it out completely and using plastic surgery techniques to close it. This will likely give the least chance of recurrence and the least amount of scarring of all the available techniques.

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At Plastic Surgery Socal we are dedicated to the highest ideal of patient care and surgical expertise. Due to our numerous patients from other cities and countries around the world we make it easy to travel to our Inland Empire practice. Whether it’s arranging aftercare, recommending the best local restaurants, shopping or nearby accommodations our staff is devoted to providing the best care possible from the time you step off your plane until you leave us post-surgery.

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