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Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

Ideal candidates for a face lift are old enough that they want to eliminate the signs of aging through their lower face and neck, but young enough that they will also be able to retain enough skin elasticity to ensure a positive recovery and results.

Will cosmetic facelift surgery get rid of all my wrinkles?

A facelift targets the lower face and upper neck. After your facelift you will find that deep wrinkles that used to appear in the lower face and upper neck will be minimized. For wrinkles in the upper face, between the brows, and around the eyes additional procedures will be necessary.

Should I combine my facelift with other cosmetic surgery procedures?

A facelift is often combined with additional surgeries for the most comprehensive results. For example, in addition to a facelift, an eyelift, and brow lift will help create an overall lift creating a smooth and alert appearance. Less invasive procedures like Botox and injectable fillers are also very complimentary to the anti-aging effect of a facelift.

Will the results of my facelift look natural?

The goal of every facelift should be to achieve natural looking results. After healing, most of my facelift patients look younger and refreshed. The goal of a facelift is not to look like you are in high school, but to ensure that you can age gracefully.

How do I choose the right surgeon for facelift surgery?

You should choose a surgeon that is a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive training in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. You should choose a surgeon that you feel comfortable discussing all of your concerns and desires with. Reviewing a surgeon’s reviews and before/after portfolio is a good way to become familiar with their work. The best way to choose a surgeon is to meet with them during a consultation to make sure that you are a good fit.

Eyelid Surgery

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty (also known as an eyelift) is a surgery performed at our Inland Empire practice, usually for cosmetic reasons but also to help correct vision obstruction due to droopy eyelids. This surgery targets the eye area to remove puffiness, and correct droopy, tired-looking lids.

Am I a candidate for eyelid surgery?

The ideal candidate for an eyelift will notice that their upper eyelids have fallen past the lash line, lower lids, or have noticed a puffiness below the eye.

Will eyelid surgery get rid of my crows feet?

Eyelid surgery is actually intended to focus on the eyelids rather than addressing the wrinkles at the corner of the eye. I would suggest additional procedures along with eyelid surgery to specifically target crow’s feet and other fine lines and wrinkles.

Should I combine eyelid surgery with other cosmetic surgery procedures?

It is very common to combine an eyelift with additional procedures. Often eyelid surgery is included with a facelift or brow lift, and is very effective when combined with less invasive procedures like Botox or facial fillers.

Will my insurance cover my eyelid surgery?

Usually eyelid surgery is considered cosmetic, however, it depends on how much your eyelid is obstructing your field of vision. If you can prove to your insurance that your surgery is of medical necessity some insurance companies will assist in covering your eyelid surgery.

When will I start seeing results of my eyelift?

You should notice a difference in your appearance almost immediately. Although some bruising and swelling may initially disguise your improvements, you should have a good idea of your final results within a few months.

Earlobe Repair

What causes a split earlobe?

Trauma to the earlobe and split earlobes are most commonly caused by heavy earrings, gauges or accidents involving catching a dangling earring and pulling too hard.

How soon can I get my ears pierced after my earlobe is repaired?

The most important aspect of re-piercing the ear is that the new piercing is not located in an area already weakened by previous trauma. We will advise you after your surgery and discuss re-piercing, but healing generally takes 6 weeks before re-piercing can be considered.

Will earlobe repair effect my daily activities?

There will not be a dramatic difference in your daily activity, although we do ask that you do not return to vigorous aerobic activity for one week. We suggest that you switch ears while on the phone (or if you only had surgery on one ear to primarily use that ear), and we advise that you do not wear tight clothing around the neck such as turtlenecks or tightly woven scarves.

When can I start showering and swimming again?

You need to keep the sutures dry for about 5 days. You can carefully shampoo your hair in order to clean it, but we advise that you keep your ears dry during the process. You may usually return to swimming after about 3 weeks. The incisions should be healed enough to allow them to soak in water. Sometimes it can be sooner, sometimes it make take a little longer.

When will the sutures come out after ear lobe repair?

Sutures are dissolvable and are usually completely dissolved by 2 weeks.

How should I choose a surgeon for ear lobe repair?

Understanding how to do this type of reconstruction is a routine part of plastic surgery training. Make sure your surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Ear Surgery

At what age should my child have an otoplasty?

It is important that your child’s ear development has neared maturity. This usually happens around 5 years old. It is also important that your child is mature enough to participate in postoperative healing. Many people feel that this age is too young for cosmetic surgery. I leave this decision to the parents. Many parents choose the surgery early to help their child avoid painful and psychological effects of teasing. Will I still look like myself after ear surgery? Ear surgery will not change the way that you look, just enhance it. Many older patients who choose ear surgery to enhance their appearance say that most people notice the subtle difference and attribute it to better health or rejuvenation.

When can I shower after ear surgery?

You can shower 48 hours after the surgery, make sure you pat dry the incisions well after the shower and apply ointment.

How long after surgery do I need to wait before resuming exercise?

Aerobic exercise should be avoided for two weeks after surgery. You should avoid heavy weightlifting or more strenuous workouts for 3 weeks after surgery. It is very important to your recovery that you avoid bending, lifting or straining during your early recover because these activities increase swelling and delay healing.

Nose Surgery

How do I decide what nose shape will best match my face?

During your consultation we will review the areas of your face that you would like to improve and examine the shape of your nose and facial structure. We suggest you bring in photos of your ideal nose so we can review its features and learn about all possible options for your nose.

How can I make sure my nose will look natural?

It is very important to be as open as possible with your surgeon and to make sure you have very strong communication. We encourage you to come in as often as necessary to help design the nose that is perfect for your face. Remember, even the smallest details will have a huge effect on the overall outcome of your surgery.

Will nose surgery improve my breathing?

An external or aesthetic nose surgery does not change the breathing ability. A septoplasty which is an internal nose surgery that corrects the breathing channels of the nose can correct breathing. If you are seeking nose surgery due to breathing complications we will examine all options for a septoplasty during your consultation.

Will my health insurance cover my nose surgery?

Health insurance companies will not cover a nose surgery if it is performed for aesthetic reasons. They do, however, cover nasal surgery performed to correct breathing difficulties and reconstructive nasal surgery.

Chin & Neck Liposuction

Does weight loss or weight gain affect the amount of neck fat I have?

Changes in weight of 30 pounds or more will affect the results of neck liposuction.

Will liposuction fix my droopy double chin and jowls?

Most patients choose to undergo neck liposuction at the same time as a facelift. This is beneficial for many reasons. The first is that it allows us to use the fat in another area for cosmetic enhancement. We are able to reduce the bulky area around the neck and move the fat to another area (suck as the lip for lip augmentation). Neck liposuction is less effective without the facelift because after the fat is removed patients are left with the extra skin. A combined facelift with smooth and tighten the muscles after neck liposuction.

Will neck liposuction help with my wrinkles?

Neck liposuction will provide improvement to facial wrinkles, however, it will not meet the expectations of patients whose primary concern is wrinkles. Patients who are concerned with facial wrinkles are encouraged to consider a combination of targeted procedures including a facelift.

How long will neck liposuction last?

Liposuction typically lasts five to ten years, although liposuction of the neck can vary based on weight changes of 30 pounds or more, general health and genetics.

Chin & Cheek Implants

What are facial implants?

Implants for facial surgery are molds that fit the exact contours of the face in order to add volume or address contour abnormalities.

Do I need a cheek or chin implant?

Generally speaking, no one needs an implant. However, many can benefit from the implantation. During your consultation we will discuss the benefits and risks of facial implants. There are multiple designs for facial implants and multiple sizes used to create the desired effect in many faces. Because every implant is custom designed to fit your face, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to facial implants.

Do facial implants need to be replaced?

Unlike fillers, implants are permanent. Although the volume effect of implants will last you the rest of your life, many choose to augment their implants with dermal fillers.

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