Voluma Restores Cheek Fullness

Published on January 31, 2019

You might have the perfect cheekbones and a great-looking nose, but if your cheeks appear hollow, it can throw off the balance of your entire face. The aging process, too much sun exposure, genetic factors, and daily wear and tear can cause you to lose fullness in your cheeks.

If you’re tired of hearing how pretty you used to look when you were younger, it’s time to do something about the lack of volume in your cheeks. It’s time to try Voluma.

What Is Voluma and How Does It Work?

Juvederm Voluma is an injectable dermal filler that helps to restore lost cheek volume and leave you with a youthful glow. It is a highly recommended non-surgical option for those looking to restore cheek fullness and contours.

Voluma consists of a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is found naturally in our skin tissues. Hyaluronic acid bonds with water molecules in the skin to increase moisture and volume, maintaining the appearance of healthy and youthful skin.

However, with age, our body slows production of hyaluronic acid. Voluma is a safe and effective way to reintroduce hyaluronic acid to your skin tissues in order to create a fuller appearance for the cheeks. The synthetic hyaluronic acid in Voluma is cross-linked in order to make the filler last as long as possible in the cheeks.

The Voluma Injection Procedure

During your consultation with Dr. Wali, your skin condition will be evaluated to see if Voluma will be right for you. Please disclose any health conditions you have and any medications that you have been taking. Use of blood-thinning medicines and other medicines like aspirin might be limited for a time before the procedure is performed.

During the Voluma treatment, injections will be delivered to the cheeks. They are deep injections, but they do not cause much pain for most people. This is because Voluma contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic used for numbing purposes.

After Your Voluma Treatment

After the Voluma treatment is completed, some people notice mild bruising or swelling in their cheeks. If there is more bruising and swelling than expected, it will be necessary to contact our office immediately.

Patients are advised to use ice packs to soothe the treatment areas following the procedure. This will help to ease swelling, bruising, and any discomfort you may be feeling. It is recommended that you wait for 24 hours before returning to your normal routine.

Results from the procedure are almost immediate, and you will see the full extent of your results after the bruising and swelling go away completely. The effects of Voluma are evident for almost two years.

If you adopt a healthy diet and quit unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, your results may last even longer. Frequent and adequate use of sunblock and a diet rich in vitamin C can benefit you greatly.

Contact Our Office

To regain attractive cheeks with youthful volume, contact our office and set up a Voluma consultation. Dr. Dev Wali is a well-respected board-certified plastic surgeon with numerous satisfied patients. Dr. Wali will be available to answer your questions and get you started with the process.

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