Latisse and Your Lashes

Published on August 30, 2018

Eyelashes can bring out the beauty in a person’s eyes. Ideally, they should be long and thick, full of vigor. However, due to aging and exposure to harsh environments, lashes often suffer from brittleness and loss of hair quality. Plus, not everyone is born with an ideal set of lashes.

The dream of achieving perfectly long and bold lashes can finally be achieved thanks to a treatment known as Latisse. This is one of the few hair-growth and revitalization techniques that have shown repeated success during clinical trials.

Doctors and dermatologists often recommend it as a supplement for better lashes. Latisse is available only on a prescription basis and is basically a growth serum that aids in the growth of longer and darker lashes. Proper application as prescribed by Dr. Wali can lead to impressive results.

How Does It Work?

Bimatoprost is the major component of Latisse and is present in a concentration of 0.03%. It was first identified as a viable cure for glaucoma. Increase in lash length, diameter, density, and color depth have been repeatedly observed with the use of Latisse. The compound works as an alternative to prostaglandin and treats hypotrichosis, the lack of eyelash hair.

You must consult with Dr. Wali and get an examination done before using Latisse. Latisse does not cause discoloration or irritation of eyes after use, but if such symptoms are noticed, it is a sign of allergies or other problems that should have been identified before use.

How to Use Latisse

Latisse has been approved by the FDA and is completely safe for use. The face should be thoroughly washed and contact lenses should be removed before the application of the serum.

Latisse is strictly to be applied to the upper eyelids. It is an extremely concentrated compound and can cause random hair growth if not applied properly. Overuse is strictly forbidden for this very reason.

The product is to be gently applied on the upper lash line with a clean and sterile applicator. Each applicator is to be used only once and then discarded after use. Using old applicators can lead to eye infections and entry of dust and microbes. After the serum has been applied, blinking is all it takes to evenly spread it across the upper and lower lash lines of the eyelids.


It takes about 16 weeks for the results of Latisse to become noticeable. Stopping the use of Latisse will result in the lashes returning to their original condition over the course of time.

Some of the most notable changes observed after 16 weeks are mentioned below:

• Increase in eyelash length by 25%
• Enhancement in thickness and density by 106%
• Darkness and color improvement by 18%

It has no known side-effects or after-use symptoms. It can cause complications with certain unique allergies and chronic conditions. Latisse must be avoided during critical times such as pregnancy.

Enhance Your Lashes

You deserve full and lovely lashes. Dr. Dev Wali, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon, will be available for a Latisse consultation at our office. To schedule your consultation, contact us today.

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