Mommy Makeover: Stories A Beautiful New Body From Dr. Wali – Claremont, CA

Published on July 25, 2014

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Hello realself readers. Just like you, I’ve had my fair share of spending hours on this site. Now it’s my time to give back. Yesterday I had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. I have had a mini tuck with dr.wali more than 2 years ago but it wasn’t to remove my scars and stretch marks, it was because my c-section scar was very high and I wanted it removed. I was very pleased with my results, my scar came out very low, i healed very well and dr.wali always followed up with me But now I changed my mind and just wanted a whole new tummy since I decided to get a breast augmentation anyways. Here’s bit about me, My daughter is 3 years old, I am 5’5 about 120 lbs, before breast augmentation I was wearing a 34A and sometimes when I wear those super padded bras in a 34B. I will post pics soon.



Here is a photo of me 1 month and 3 months post-op. I still feel a bit tight and sore. Specially when I stay seated for a long period of time. I’ve been eating very healthy and doing cardio everyday. Everything went well with my surgery because I listened to all of dr.wali’s instructions. My advice for all of you that just had a TT, be patient! You’ve waited years to get a flat tummy don’t ruin it by going crazy at the gym. Everyone heals differently just because you read a lot of people starting to work out 6 weeks after a TT doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to do it too. Listen to your body. You’ll feel pain on your lower back from being hunched all the time, when your surgeon says its okay to do so, stretch out your lower back or get massages. It helps out alot. I’ve been doing Yoga and it feels great. My scar looks good, fully healed. it itches sometimes specially when I wear jeans coz the band rubs against it, I massage it with cream but never scratch it. I have tons of photos from my TT journey but I’m going backwards since my laptop is acting up and all my photos are in it. I’ll post more pics as soon as I get it fixed but here’s what I have for now.



Here are photos before and after my BA. I went from 34A to 34C but 34D in some Victoria secret bras. I got 350cc moderate plus silicone implants which I think is perfect because I wanted the natural look. I just wanted to fit in a dress or top without being totally flat. Now I can wear strapless tops w/o a bra and still look full up top. Since I had a TT with my BA, it seemed like I really didn’t feel the pain coz I was more worried about my TT. My scar looks great, it was done thru my nipple so it’s barely visible. I absolutely love my new breasts. Thanks to Dr. Wali!



I fixed my laptop sooner than expected. So here are my before photos. Like I mentioned in my past post, I’ve done a mini TT with dr.wali back in 2011. When I went back to dr.wali for a BA and a full TT I told him what I want and he explained everything to me. He made sure I knew what to expect. A vertical scar was necessary since I didn’t have much skin to work with which was okay with me because as you can see the scar from my mini TT you can barely see it after 2 years. I already knew what it was like to work with dr.wali so I was very comfortable. I was confident he would do a great job so it was easy for me to decide. Your probably wondering why I didn’t go with a Full TT from the first place well I wasn’t concerned about my stretch marks when I first came to dr.wali, it was my csection scar being to high that bothered me but since I decided to get a BA why not get a full TT too. I wanted my nice breast to match a nice tummy. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, make a list if you have to do. Dr.wali will take the time to explain everything even when he’s busy and his wait room is filled. He will never make you feel rushed.




The first month was a waiting game. Wait for my drains to get removed, wait til I can stand up straight, wait to sleep on my side, wait to get rid of the binder, wait to wear clothes that show off my new curves.. You’ll need lots of PATIENCE! At this point I was cleared to walk on a treadmill with a binder on. I didn’t do it as much as I wanted to coz I felt swollen after. I was just scared to get fat and ruin my new body so I was eager to hit the gym. Ofcourse, I didn’t go against dr’s orders haha. I just focused more on eating healthy and exercised on days I felt good. I am loving my new body. I always loved shopping but I love it even more now. Happy happy happy me

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